How can we help you?

Firstly, confirm Ignition and fuel pump issues, if everything is ok then call to helpline

We found fuel pump issue in maximum cases during driving lock and  unlock problem If found same indication from tracker locked vehicle then call on helpline 051111444687

Check Battery status and carbon of battery terminals

Check signal strength in your area then call to helpline and guide against network coverage

If number is port outed then SMS does not receive then change number if possible if not then call to helpline

Call to helpline for requesting for reset password

At the same time call to helpline and intimate to 15

Tips to protect your car from theft


Make sure to use steering lock when you park your car


Park your vehicles in protected areas


At night time, park your car inside a garage or porch


Use tracker engine lock facility if parking in an unsafe location

AskTrack ‘’Alert or ‘’Auto Call’’

If you are not aware of your car and you get ‘’Alert or ‘’Auto Call’’ from AskTrack make sure to call our help line 051-111-444-687

Inspect tracker (after any electric work)

Make sure to check your tracker after any kind of electrical work done in the vehicle

Be aware of your car location

Take notice of your car location and sync it with your tracker location so you may know your tracker is working fine


In any uncertain situation call our helpline 051-111-444-687 right away


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